Saturday, October 2, 2010

Solar Incinerating Toilet

I was sitting here thinking about an incinerating toilet design and incinerating the waste. Why not use the power of the sun? Build a ramp system from the toilet seat through an exterior wall and into an incineration chamber made of a 55 gallon drum. In order to reduce the mess on the ramp you would need to build a lever activated platform that will hold a newspaper to catch the waste until it is slid down into the incineration chamber. In order to incinerate the waste you could take the Fresnel lens from a big screen tv and reflect the light onto the bottom of the tank, bringing the temperature to somewhere around 1000-1500 degrees for as long as the sun is out, turning the inside of the tank to ash that can be emptied and used as fertilizer. A plug could be used to prevent smell and heat from coming back into the tiny house while the toilet is not in use. I have attached an MS Paint sketch of the basic idea that I will elaborate on at a later time...What do you think?


The system is great for sunny areas because it uses no metered energy and creates nutrient rich fertilizer ash as the only by-product


  1. I would like to make something like this for dog waste in my yard. A smaller version would be great. Currently, I am picking up dog feces and bagging it for our local incinerator (trash to energy plant) but sending the waste to the garden sounds better.